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A: For the customer, the problem with base prices is knowing what is actually included in a builder’s “base price”. Because of this, we take pride in giving more customized pricing to our customers, itemizing everything we include as standard, as well as your wish list. This empowers you to make financial choices, and avoids a “bait and switch” mentality….which is very common in the new home industry (showing furnished and decorated model homes, but then quoting “base pricing”).
A: No, we are happy to build on any lot, whether it’s ours or a lot or country parcel you own or are interested in. Additionally, since we are licensed Realtors, we can help you identify your new home site/lot/land.
A: 5 months. Understanding that if a customer makes changes during the building process, this can often result in delays pending the change. However, regularly, we are completing new homes in less than the 5 month timeframe. We will always be upfront and honest about timing, and would much rather have your new home completed sooner than planned rather than the alternative.
A: This is a very vague question, similar to “base pricing”. Although we can provide ballpark pricing on the forefront of considering a new home as a financial overview, we much prefer to listen to what you specifically would want in a new home in order to give you an itemized bid. (For example, cost per square foot is skewed relating to the site/lot, garage size, porch size, ect.)
A: We build from Waukesha County to Eastern Dane County, north to Juneau south to Janesville
A: Typically not, however it can be provided on a limited basis, and ultimately ties into the bulk discount we can offer.
A: We will walk you through the entire process step by step. As an overview, once a building contract is signed, the construction loan is processed, while at the same time we pull permits for your new home. Also during this time, you make your outside and inside selections in a one on one approach at our in-house design center. Once your new home begins at the site, you will have personable contact as your home is built. Your costs / price is fixed unless you sign/authorize it.
A: Construction loans typically require 10% down payment down payment, however due to our long-term relationship with local lenders, it can be done with 5% down. There are 4 “draws” that are made during the building process (typically one per month) while your new home is being built. You have to sign to release these funds. Typically interest is billed monthly from the lender to the customer only on the amount drawn as it accrues. Once the home is completed, and a thorough walk through completed with you and our team, your construction loan is modified into your end-out financing with fixed monthly payments (30 year fixed loan for example).
Yes! We are happy to work with your thoughts and red-line any plans of ours with your dreams!

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