Standard Specifications

You deserve to understand exactly what is included when your home is built!  

The standard inclusions of a home is truly the cornerstone of comparison when choosing a builder. We are proud of the way we build our homes and are committed to achieve a quality that meets or exceeds your expectations. Below you will find a specification sheet for every home we build, and inclusive in standard pricing.

Pre-Construction & Permitting

  • Customized Estimating.
  • Personalized in-house Selection Coordinator and product showroom.
  • Home staked on lot and surveyed by Licensed Surveyor.
  • Apply and obtain all necessary building permits up to $800.

Excavation & Grading

  • Strip topsoil on lot, dig basement, install sewer and water laterals, (up to 35 feet).
  • Garages are backfilled with stone to prevent settling.
  • Rough grade stone driveway and sidewalk to front door.
  • Silt fence and erosion control, (up to 300 feet).
  • Trucking, (up to 20 loads of fill in/out if required).
  • Topsoil from lot re-spread for customer. Rough grade subsoil to pitch away from home.


  • FOOTINGS: 8″ high by 16″ wide minimum (3000 psi).
  • WALLS: 8″ wide by 4′-0′ minimum high, anchor bolts or approved foundation straps every 6′ maximum. (Full basements at 8-0″ wall height per plan. ) Basement walls have an interior brick pattern for aesthetic appeal. Steel rebar per plan. All garage walls will be 6″ wide by 4′-0″ high minimum.
  • WATER-PROOFING: Water-proofing membrane applied on exterior of foundation walls, (exterior basement walls in contact with sub-soil only-not garage walls common with full basement walls.) Insulation applied over all water-proofed walls and inside garage wall common with home. Application is from the top of t